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Our global Green Team is our greatest asset

Your career at TP Aerospace

At TP Aerospace we offer an international career with great development opportunities in a young and dynamic atmosphere. We're always looking for ambitious and talented people all over the world, who are eager to become part of our global Green Team.

As a privately owned group of companies with global ambitions, we’re looking for new colleagues who enjoy being part of a company on the move: People with dedication and a willingness to learn as we grow.

We’re offering a chance to work alongside and learn from the best in the industry, while giving you the for opportunity to grow and advance your career in our organization.

We pride ourselves for our informal atmosphere – we trust our people to be self starters – and as well as excelling at what we do, we make sure we have a good time doing it.


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Meet Álvaro

I think that the culture of TP Aerospace reflects the personalities of our founders. The organization is just so relaxed and horizontal; you have easy access to management, which is a lot different from what I was used to in the Spanish aviation industry. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that we’re rooted in Denmark, but I still believe this characterizes TP overall and sets us apart.

Ever since I was little, when I played with toy airplanes, I’ve been fascinated with the aviation industry. At one point, I even took flying lessons and obtained my private pilot license. However, I quickly found out that I didn’t really see myself making a career of flying, and since then I have been in different positions in the industry, mainly in management and sales.

There’s a lot of traveling involved in my job, and I just love it! Traveling as much as I do is both challenging and hectic, and when I get home from a long business trip, I am often physically exhausted. But at the same time, it gives me so much more energy; it’s kind of hard to explain. When I’ve been in the office for a while, I just have an urge to jump on a plane again. So, I am really happy that TP allows me to combine my job and passion for airplanes with my love for traveling.

What I think is unique about TP is the long learning curve. I’ve been here for five years – and I’m still learning. And sometimes you are faced with a challenge and you might not have someone near to guide you. But you just have to find a way to navigate in the unknown, which is exactly what you are encouraged to do here. And over time, you learn that it’s OK to fail and that it actually makes you grow both personally and professionally.

"Maybe it’s just because I’ve been here for so long, but I really think we are like a family"

Katy Taylor, Quality Manager

Copenhagen, Denmark

Meet Katy

The best way to describe my job is; busy but fun! We’ve been on an exceptional journey since I joined in 2010 and it’s been a lot of fun to be part of. Like, from the very beginning when we were just a handful of people at the office, we’ve always celebrated even the smallest milestones. And it’s never really mattered if we’ve celebrated with a round of high-fives or champagne, it’s just the feeling I get that we are all working towards the same goal that I think is quite spectacular.

In my job, I get to travel to our many locations to meet with my other colleagues and see how they’re working. Not only does this allow me to take active part in translating the TP Aerospace Way into the different cultures we operate within, it also gives me new input and ideas that I can take with me when I go back home.

I think what I like the most about working here is the attitude of our company and of the management in particular. There is no real hierarchy and it’s just such a natural part of the TP Aerospace DNA that we’re all equal and encouraged to take initiative and learn as we go along.

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