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Wheels & Brakes - It's that simple

What we do

Recognized as the most prominent wheels and brakes supplier, we cater to every individual requirement.

TP Aerospace is the leading aftermarket supplier of wheels and brakes, carrying the largest ready-to-go inventory. With our exchange and cost-per-landing programs supported by our extensive in-house MRO capabilities, we offer quality, simplicity and value for all commercial, charter and cargo aircraft operators worldwide.

Having warehouses in several strategic locations around the globe, we provide 24-7-365 support on sale, exchange, loan or lease basis, and we can undertake retrofit exercises through tailor-made flat rate exchange programs, appealing to both airlines and leasing companies.

Programs & Trading

Wheels and brakes are the highest cost drivers of all airframe components, and also the one with most removals, representing a challenge for any operator, not least due to the many separate processes and logistic challenges required to handle effectively this segment.


TP Aerospace offers operators tailor made full-service and all-inclusive wheel and brake support programs. Our programs are governed by a guaranteed service level and unlimited warranty.

We also offer stand-alone lease packages, appealing especially to seasonal operations where additional wheel and brake inventory is required.

All programs are designed to accommodate the operators' specific short and long term requirements and to fully comply with the given maintenance budget.



We supply on outright, exchange, loan and lease basis, and we cater AOG deliveries 24-7-365.

We undertake retrofit exchange programs, covering complete fleet or single aircraft exchange ship-sets, appealing also to leasing companies.


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