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As a leader in the wheels and brakes aftermarket, it is our responsibility to deliver reliable, safe and quality products and services, which is why quality is an integrated part of our business and cannot be considered independently from our operations.

Quality Assurance

At TP Aerospace, we focus on what really matters!  

We recognize the impact every action we take has on aviation safety, that is why every decision is made with integrity and respect to quality. 

We continue to raise the bar for quality and safety in aviation; we do so by identifying challenges in the industry and adopting best practices, allowing us to develop and improve our company’s processes to ensure compliance with applicable regulation and customer requirements.

Our passion for what we do allows us to maintain continued strong relations with our customers offering uncompromised quality, and we entrust our business partners to provide the same level of engagement.   

We are committed to continuously strengthening our quality culture through innovative quality initiatives to consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.  

We pride ourselves in how our commitment to quality is embedded in our company culture: a culture that empowers employees at all levels of the organization to proactively get involved in the improvement of our Quality Management System. 

Continuous learning and awareness ensure employees at TP Aerospace understand their contribution to product safety and to the effectiveness of the Quality Management system. 

Our compliance with Part 145 and AS9120 Rev.B requirements ensures we are certified to the highest quality standards in the industry and allow us to drive and strengthen quality management and achieve our goals. 


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